Reese finds Derek who retells the story behind the family's murder. Theresa's father's assets were supposed to be turned over to him. Theresa's father partnered in a land deal betting that the government would step in to clean up the biohazards. Unable to afford to finance the deal alone, her father brought in Landale and it's owner Jimmy Calhoun as a limited partner on Derek's suggestion. Landale ordered the murder of Theresa's father because they did not want to wait for the government to clean up the site. Following the death of Theresa's family, Derek became the beneficiary of the estate and Landale executives expected him to sign the property over to them. Should she come out of hiding, Teresa is the legal heir to the property, explaining why they want her dead.

At the hotel, Finch talks to Teresa about trust, and having a loving aunt.

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Ingram, the co-builder of the Machine, is shocked when he finds out that Finch has taught the Machine to ignore "irrelevant" crimes, with only eight people knowing about the Machine. Ingram wonders how they can live with the knowledge of the irrelevant list. After explaining that the Machine deletes the irrelevant crimes every night at midnight, he insists that the machine was not built to save "somebody," but rather "everybody." The face of Jessica Arndt shows up as a victim before Finch shuts off the monitors.

As Finch and Reese discuss what Reese has learned from Derek, Teresa attempts to escape, believing she's better off alone. Finch follows her, and tries to persuade her that she's better off trusting someone.